Dr Harsh Sheth - Bariatric & GI Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr Harsh Sheth

Dr. Harsh Sheth is one of the best bariatric surgeon in Mumbai with 10 years of experience. He is a consultant in advanced laparoscopic and bariatric surgery in Mumbai at the Saifee Hospital, Bhatia Hospital, ACI Cumballa Hill Hospital, Apollo Spectra Hospital (Tardeo),Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central, and Conwest & Manjula S Badani Jain Charitable Hospital.

Dr. Harsh is an Advanced Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon in Mumbai. Alongside his clinical work, he has dabbled into research with multiple publications and medical device patents to his name. He performs various basic and advanced GI surgeries and specialises in performing them in a minimally invasive manner.

He follows the principle of ‘primum non nocere’ meaning first, do no harm and thus ensures utmost patient safety and comfort.

Dr. Harsh has completed his post-graduate (M.S. -General Surgery) degree from Seth G.S Medical College and KEM Hospital. He followed up on his post-graduate degree with an exchange research fellowship (Stanford-India Biodesign) at Stanford University, California and All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

Dr. Harsh was a Fellow in Advanced Minimal Access Surgery, which he has received under the tutelage of Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, the noted bariatric surgeon at Saifee Hospital, Mumbai, following which he has started his own practice.

Dr. Harsh has extensive experience in the field of Bariatric surgery (including research) and advanced gastro-intestinal surgeries and is committed to treating patients with the best possible evidence-based protocols at a reasonable cost.

Saifee hospital

15/17, Maharshi Karve Rd, Charni Road East, Opera House, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra- 400004

Consultation hours:

  • 24 Hours

Wockhardt hospital

Police Station, 1877, Dr Anandrao Nair Marg, Near Agripada, Mumbai Central, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400011

Consultation hours:

  • 6:30am -8:30am

Jaslok hospital

15 – Dr. Deshmukh Marg, Pedder Road,
Mumbai – 400 026.

Bhatia hospital

Tardeo Rd,Grant Road (W), Tardeo, Mumbai,Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007

Obesity classification for the Asian population

For extremely obese persons, weight loss surgery is the only proven approach for long-term weight loss.

The body mass index (BMI), which calculates a person’s weight in relation to his height, is a reliable indicator of obesity. The BMI classifies a person’s obesity and the treatment options available to them.

Check the chart below for obesity classification for Asians:





Obesity is on the rise all across the world at an alarming rate. Obesity and its related diseases are a silent killer, responsible for more than 300,000 deaths annually. The worst aspect is that, despite being the forerunner to so many significant ailments, many people do not consider it a disease.

Obesity in India

India is now the world’s third fattest country, with the second-largest diabetes prevalence. Three out of four Indians are overweight, and over half of urban Indians are obese. It is particularly concerning that over 22% of Indian kids are overweight or obese, putting their health at risk in the long term.

Our society is going through a significant nutritional and lifestyle change right now. Obesity and diabetes have become epidemics due to physical inactivity, increased psychosocial stress, food abundance, an ageing population, and genetic traits.

In such a scenario, weight loss surgery in Mumbai is a ray of hope for morbidly obese people.



Bariatric surgery

A minimally invasive (keyhole) surgical way to cut/re-arrange your digestive organs to cause durable and organic weight loss

GI surgery

Upper GI surgery

Surgery of the upper Gastrointestinal organs such as the oesophagus, stomach, duodenum and upper part of the small intestine


Gastrointestinal surgery

Surgical treatment for diseases of the digestive tract ranging from gall bladder and appendix surgeries to colorectal, cancer surgery and hernia surgery using the keyhole method


Hernia surgery

Surgery to repair hernia’s such as those occurring in the navel, groin or even after those occurring after surgery using keyhole surgery

Abdominal wall reconstruction surgery

AWR surgery

Surgery involving reconstruction of abdominal wall in order to restore abdominal wall anatomy and function especially in patients suffering from large hernia’s, either by keyhole or open surgery


  • Dr. Harsh Sheth is truly exceptional! He is extremely knowledgeable and personable. My father had to undergo a (rarest) critical gastrointestinal surgery However The way he handled the situation was exceptional He diagnosed the the issue with his expertise well in advance and cured it fruitfully At the same time he did answer my all queries and explained the diagnosis in simple understandable language The best part is he was always available for us whenever we needed him I am glad that we got in touch with him at the right time and found that he was definitely a right choice for us Truly, I would recommend him to anyone looking for gastroenterologist
  • Aamod Patil
    Dr. Harsh Sheth is truly exceptional! He is extremely knowledgeable and personable. My father had to undergo a (rarest) critical gastrointestinal surgery However The way he handled the situation was exceptional He diagnosed the issue with his expertise well in advance and cured it fruitfully At the same time he did answer my all queries and explained the diagnosis in simple understandable language The best part is he was always available for us whenever we needed him I am glad that we got in touch with him at the right time and found that he was definitely a right choice for us Truly, I would recommend him to anyone looking for a gastroenterologist
    Aamod Patil
  •  Ayaan Khan
    Experienced and ground-to-earth doctor. The way he took care of the operation and explanation of the illness felt like a family. God Bless 🙌
    Ayaan Khan
  •  Priyanka Singh
    Got a cholecystectomy done by Dr. Harsh, he made sure I was informed about the process and all the queries pre and post-surgery were also addressed by him. Really happy with the quick response that he has to queries.
    Priyanka Singh
  • Malcolm Mistry
    Dear Dr. Harsh Seth, I was operated on for an umbilical hernia. I appreciate your guidance & care given to me before, during & post-surgery. The operation was so smooth and the stitches were so well, that the scars are no longer seen. Thank you for being so dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate. I would definitely recommend your name to my family & friends as a part of my gratitude towards you. Thank you for being an awesome Doctor. Yours truly, Malcolm Mistry.
    Malcolm Mistry
  • Moiz Udaipurwala
    Dr. Harsh is incredible. Not only he has taken great care during the surgery, but also attends to patients very well before and after surgery, he is easily approachable during emergencies. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and cares for a patient as a person with an outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend him as a surgeon.
    Moiz Udaipurwala
  • Rahul Sagotia
    Thank u doctor for treating My best friend Satiesh Khilare in the best way and in a friendly environment where he was very comfortable, initially the bariatric surgery case was very complicated but u treated him very well and made his health in better condition.
    Rahul Sagotia
  • Ritu Ghadge

    Visited for bariatric surgery

    It’s been over 6 months and Dr. Harsh Sheth’s promise that I’d be able to fit into my old clothes again has been fulfilled. I lost 19 kilograms and am off my diabetic medications, don’t need the bulky device to breathe peacefully while I am asleep and feel even more energetic. The surgery has given me a new lease of life. Thank you!
    Ritu Ghadge
  • Ms. Reshma Mansoori

    Visited for weight loss and abdominal wall reconstruction surgery

    Not only in work..but also super kind gentleman.He gave my sister a 2nd chance to look beautiful again as he operated on my sister for a huge incisional hernia.Now she is pain free and can do her daily routine work more efficiently as it was very difficult to perform due to her Large swelling.I am always thankful to Dr.Harshand very happy that my decision to choose him is correct. I will recommend to all ..pls plz..for you and your loved once in any surgical problem do consult him.. Thanks and all the best for your bright future
    Ms. Reshma Mansoori
  • Pradeep Baria

    Visited For Laparoscopic Appendicectomy

    Dr Sheth has enough experience to understand the health problem of patient and can suggest or advise proper treatment accordingly, and carry out the procedure safely.
    Pradeep Baria
  • Shilpa Gandhi

    Visited for a severe gall bladder and liver infection

    After my father fell ill, we came in contact with Dr Harsh Sheth. He attended to my father with immediacy and confidence. My father started with mild fever and very low saturation levels that had us very worried. Although his RT PCR test was negative, it was on Dr Harsh Sheth insistence that we admitted him in hospital since he wanted to monitor his saturation levels. Due to the early and correct diagnosis by the doctor, we found out that my father had gall bladder stones and a severe infection. Hence, the right diagnosis and immediate surgery saved my father. We are eternally grateful to Dr Harsh Sheth. In such challenging times, it is so important to have such a reassuring and helpful doctor. Today my father is here with us only because of him. We are grateful for his timely intervention.
    Shilpa Gandhi
  • Hema Chachad

    Visited for a gall bladder surgery

    He is Very Helpful. He explain the issue in very understanding way and provide appropriate treatment. He always listening to the concerns & answer every question in simplified manner that common person can able to understand. He performed Gallbladder removal surgery on my mother. She is happy & healthy now. Will recommend.  
    Hema Chachad


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    Your treatment can be done at any one of the hospitals where Dr. Harsh Sheth is attached depending on your personal preference and the kind of treatment that you opt for.

    If you find yourself struggling with one of the below-mentioned problems or both, you are eligible to undergo weight loss surgery:

    • BMI 35-40 (32.5-37.5 for Asians) kg/m2 with 2 or more obesity related co-morbidities
    • BMI more than 40 (37.5 for Asians) kg/m2 with or without obesity related co-morbidities
    • BMI 27.5-32.5 (for Asians) kg/m2 with severely uncontrolled diabetes mellitus (type II) despite best medical management
    There is plenty of evidence that obesity improves quality of life for all obese individuals, due to resolution/remission of obesity related co-morbidities, and protects from obesity related cancers.
    Bariatric surgery improves the overall quality of life. In addition to improved health and longevity, weight loss surgery has a positive impact on various physical functions such as mobility, flexibility, and sexual function. Alternatively, it also promotes emotional well-being through enhanced self-esteem and social interactions. As a result, it helps reduce stress and depression.

    Foods that are greasy and heavy in fat. Foods that are heavily seasoned or hot. Sugar alcohols like erythritol, glycerol, mannitol, sorbitol, and xylitol are sugar alcohols. Foods that have been reheated in the microwave.

    Case Studies

    Bariatric Surgery

    The patient was a young 35-year-old unmarried female who had been suffering from weight gain, hypothyroidism and diabetes mellitus since adolescence.

    Laparoscopic Surgery

    The patient was a 62-year-old lady with a previous history of Cesarean Section 40 years ago came with a bulging over the hernial defect along with intermittent pain in the right upper abdomen.

    Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

    The patient presented with obstructive jaundice and was diagnosed with gall stoned with CBD stones.

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