By, Dr Harsh ShethBariatric Surgeon in Mumbai


Incisional hernias result from a weakening of the abdominal muscle due to a surgical incision.All abdominal surgeries carry a 30% risk of a postoperative incisional hernia.This type of hernia occurs after a prior incision that was made during a prior operation. Laparoscopic incisional hernia repair is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, where the surgeon makes several small incisions in the lower abdomen and then inserts a laparoscope, equipped with a camera into one of the incisions, pushes any protruding intestine back into the abdomen and repairs the opening in the muscle wall.

II. Doctor Name

Dr. Harsh Sheth

III. Patient Details

Age : 48, Female

IV. Symptoms

Swelling in the lower abdomen after previous caesarean section

V. Test Performed

CT scan- suggestive of 6*4 cm defect in the lower abdomen

VI. Diagnosis

Incisional hernia (M4W2R0)

VII. Treatment

Laparoscopic e-TEP RS with unilateral TAR incisional hernia repair

VIII. Description of the Treatment

The patient was subjected to a laparoscopic repair for the incisional hernia. In view of the large size, the patient had to undergo a unilateral posterior component separation.

IX. Post Treatment Guidelines

Avoid heavy weight lifting for 3 months after surgery, wear an abdominal binder for 3 months after surgery.

X. Images