Cancer is a disease that does not have a proper cure till today. It can be treated if it is in the beginning stage. But if it gets late, then you may lose the time to avail proper treatment too.

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Recent examinations have set up the connection between a gastric ulcer and stomach cancer. A gastric or peptic ulcer is an irritated sore that can occur on your stomach wall. It can happen when the protective coating in your stomach quits working.

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Your digestive tract gets damaged by the secretion of acidic juices that help in your digestion. Thus, a harsh stomach might be an early indication of this sickness.

Now let us know how ulcer leads to cancer?

Gastric ulcers are generally caused because of the presence of the helicobacter pylori microorganisms. The infection occurred due to the H pylori bacterium is additionally connected to carcinoma or cancer disease.

We all know that gastric ulcer is an open sore, microbes can contaminate it without any problem. It causes transformations in the DNA and harms the cells of the stomach lining.

Hence, the prolonged inflammation and irritation due to gastric ulcer can prompt chronic infections in your stomach and even stomach malignancy.

Eventually, the harmed tissue of your stomach gets replaced by intestinal or sinewy tissue usually. This change is one of the principal indications that you have stomach cancer. As this situation expands, the chances of developing stomach cancer also increase.

So, what are the increased risk factors?

Certain factors are responsible for turning your gastric ulcer into stomach cancer. So, people who have gastric ulcers must be careful about few things. It would be best if you took proper care about what you are eating.

You must avoid those food items and drinks which can instigate the secretion of your stomach acids. You should avoid alcohol, tobacco, oily and spicy food items. These food items will lead you to indigestion, bloating, heartburn and trigger your gastric pain too.

If you are taking Ibuprofen and other pain killer medications, remember, these will decrease your stomach’s capacity to deliver a defensive bodily fluid. They likewise quicken the secretion of acids in your stomach.

These drugs reduce the blood flow into your stomach. As a result, your body loses the capacity to fix the damaged cells. These are the variables that can instigate the chances of developing stomach cancer.  

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The extended you leave the issue without any care, there will be an increased chance of developing stomach cancer. Eventually, each of these issues can lead you to stomach cancer and related suffering.

Our doctor may prescribe you certain medications to reduce the secretion of acids in your stomach. Hence, it will help you to get rid of troubles in your tummy due to acid secretion.

Now let us see what type of complications you may experience?

Gastric ulcer is unquestionably reparable; even if you are suffering from stage one stomach cancer, we can treat your issues and provide you with a complete cure. So, why should you weigh to transform your gastric ulcer into stomach cancer?

If you keep the situation untreated then, your stomach wall will get damaged. You may experience internal bleeding too. The problem can become so bad that you may need surgical treatment as a cure.

It can hamper your overall health also. In case you require surgical treatment, our doctor is there being famous for bariatric surgery in Mumbai.

How can we diagnose the situation?

As stomach cancer does not show any symptoms initially, the disease stays undiagnosed until it reaches the advanced stage. Our doctor may ask you to undergo a few tests to provide you with a proper diagnosis. The few things are as follows-

  • Certain blood tests
  • Gastrointestinal endoscopy
  • X-rays and CT scans
  • Biopsy