A sedentary lifestyle, alcohol and easy access to junk food, minimal physical activity, and other reasons are causing obesity and stress in increasing numbers of people. There is a surge in people opting for bariatric surgery in Mumbai.

Alcohol has played a significant role in various cultures throughout history. Even today, it is prevalent for many adults to drink at special occasions, restaurant dinners, or in the comfort of their homes. Many people drink alcohol after work hours to de-stress.

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However, weight loss surgery and alcohol are not a good combination. If you have had surgery to correct your obesity, drinking alcohol is not advisable. While moderate and responsible alcohol consumption is not usually associated with harmful situations, drinking post-surgery can have major detrimental consequences. Your body will metabolize alcohol differently after a bariatric treatment, particularly gastric bypass surgery.

It’s critical to adjust your behaviors both pre and post-bariatric surgery if you are used to drinking alcohol at any level. You may be more likely to develop an alcohol consumption disorder after surgery if you don’t do so. You can contact Dr. Harsh Sheth, an outstanding surgeon in advanced laparoscopic and bariatric surgery in Mumbai, for a consultation about preventive measures.

Do people crave alcohol after weight loss surgery?

Although bariatric surgery is a boon for morbidly obese people, it can also have unintended consequences. Researchers speculate that people may exchange their food addiction for alcohol addiction.

As a section of the stomach is removed during gastric bypass surgery, alcohol is absorbed in a faster rate. Additionally, alcohol dehydrogenase – the enzyme in charge of metabolizing alcohol, is greatly diminished, as a result of which More alcohol can enter the bloodstream.

This causes patients to achieve peak alcohol levels faster and retain toxins in their bodies for longer.

Is it safe to drink after Bariatric Surgery?

Weight loss surgery causes changes in your body’s functioning that can drastically affect how different matter, including alcohol, is metabolised and absorbed. Research has proven that consuming alcohol, pre, and post-surgery, affects alcohol concentration in blood. It is advisable to avoid alcohol consumption for at least 6 months post-surgery to facilitate tissue healing.

Any drink that didn’t agree with your body before surgery could be risky afterward because there are a lot of changes in the body as it heals. You can contact Dr. Harsh Sheth, a renowned specialist in weight loss surgery in Mumbai, for more information and expert advice.

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What diet should bariatric surgery patients follow?

Bariatric surgery alters the size of your stomach, which significantly impacts how and what you can consume. Even fully recovered patients are restricted to modest quantities, protein-rich meals, and reduced carbohydrate and sugar-rich foods. This factor contributes to your desire for speedy weight loss.

Due to these modifications, it is advisable to consume beverages one to two hours after eating. When you consume food and drink together, liquids may prematurely fill the stomach, increasing the risk of malnutrition.

As a result, diets should be carefully planned, concentrating on nutrient-dense foods rather than nutrient-deficient drugs like alcohol.



Alcohol is not recommended following bariatric surgery for at least 6 months, even if you consume it on exceptional occasions. Alcohol is high in discretionary calories with little nutritious value; it fills your stomach with unhealthy foods while leaving no place for the good ones. It will hinder the process of recovering post your weight loss surgery.

One glass of wine could be enough to push your blood alcohol level above the limit. Patients who prefer to drink after bariatric surgery must significantly limit their intake and not drive afterward, regardless of pre-surgery endurance levels.

It may be challenging to make the lifestyle adjustments that come with bariatric surgery, such as reducing or eliminating alcohol use. Still, they are imperative for a smooth recovery and leading a healthy life.

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