Bariatric or weight-loss surgery may be a viable and advantageous option when other weight-loss strategies are ineffective.

Different types of weight loss surgery have various post-operative dietary recommendations and calorie limits, which alter how you digest food and absorb nutrients. All types include risks, complexities, and challenges that must be overcome while significantly changing one’s life.

Bariatric surgery is a significant life changer. You will work with nutritionists, psychologists, and your bariatric surgeon to get ready, but you must ensure you are as physically prepared as you can be for the procedure.

For bariatric surgery, it is also essential to be mentally prepared for change. A crucial component of this journey is maintaining good mental health.

According to Dr. Harsh Sheth, a reputed bariatric surgeon in Mumbai, pre-and postoperative psychological counselling plays a significant role in bariatric surgery.

You will be prepared to face a “new you” if you work with a mental health professional. Working with a mental health specialist can help you identify potential obstacles to success before and after bariatric surgery and give you the best chance of living a healthy life following surgery, claims Dr. Harsh Sheth. 

To help you understand the importance of psychological counselling before and after weight-loss surgery, Dr. Harsh Sheth shared the case study of a 30-year-old female patient who presented with a binge eating disorder. 

After a comprehensive examination, Dr. Harsh Sheth recommended laparoscopic bariatric surgery to the patient. Further, the patient was put through a scheduled regime of psychological counselling to ensure that the binge eating disorder was treated. 

After six months, the patient underwent laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery once the clinical psychologist and psychiatrist were convinced, she was treated. The patient shed 60% of her excess weight in 3 years and is doing well on follow-up. 

gastric bypass

Dr. Harsh Sheth is renowned for his expertise in weight-loss surgery in Mumbai. He offers a thorough pre and post-surgical evaluation by explaining the procedure and assisting you in understanding the risks and results.

Now, let’s discuss the,

Process of Pre-Bariatric Surgery Psychological Counselling

  • Knowing if you are a good candidate for this treatment is the first stage in the pre-bariatric surgery process; together, we can help you determine this. 
  • To ensure they are prepared for the significant life changes that will follow surgery, every patient has a psychiatric assessment with a mental health specialist before having bariatric surgery. This crucial yet required evaluation will help us get to know you, your difficulties, and your short- and long-term objectives. 
  • Dr. Harsh Sheth stated, “It is simple to overlook how much bariatric surgery may improve your life. Our responsibility is to ensure that each patient is mentally prepared and able to handle this adjustment before surgery.”
  • A mental health specialist may assist you in identifying your strengths, talk to you about your support system, explain the implications of surgery from a holistic standpoint, and evaluate any mental health conditions you may have, such as depression or anxiety, during the examination.
  • “Our role is also to talk to you about emotional eating or previous experiences that may have led to where you are today,” he adds. Before surgery, addressing these problems and supporting you in the beginning to change is crucial.
  • They might also make it easier for you to comprehend the advice from your medical teams, such as the new exercise routine and nutritional recommendations. And if necessary, they might suggest that you continue your therapy with a counsellor.

The healthcare team might examine the following during this evaluation:

  • If the patient can make an informed decision.
  • Recognize any risks related to the procedure and the recovery process.
  • Determine whether any underlying psychological issues would make life following surgery difficult.

Process of Post-Bariatric Surgery Psychological Counselling

  • According to Dr. Harsh Sheth, a seasoned bariatric and laparoscopic GI surgeon in Mumbai, evaluations following surgery are as crucial in the bariatric journey. 
  • Most patients, especially those who have recently had surgery, think the examination is helpful. We work hard to ensure that each patient is mentally and physically prepared for their new life journey. 
  • The pre-and post-surgical evaluations are crucial and transformative for many of our patients. You feel relieved knowing that we are with you every step of the way since you know that you are not going through this process alone. You can receive the information and resources needed to start this journey from us.
  • Changing your lifestyle after bariatric surgery requires confidence. But it is hard to say exactly how you will feel once the procedure has been completed and you are on the path to recovery.
  • Dr. Harsh Sheth said, “After surgery, you may experience some new obstacles as you adjust to the changes happening to your body. Because of this, “we also offer mental health care after bariatric surgeries.”
  • A mental health specialist can assist you in sorting through any unfavourable thoughts that may surface as you lose weight and consider the adjustments you will need to make to your new lifestyle.

We are here to support you in overcoming obstacles and forming new perspectives on living after bariatric surgery.