Overweight and obesity affect a large number of Mumbai residents. The fundamental causes of overweight are your unhealthy eating habits such as eating too much oily and fast food, candy, spicy foods, and no exercise. Eventually, the BMI of your body deteriorates rapidly.  

However, people cannot invest their time in exercise to become fit due to their busy schedule. But maintaining healthy body weight is a must for all.

This is where the significance of bariatric surgery comes into play. It is a highly effective surgical procedure that can provide you with the desired outcome quickly. The only thing you will require is a renowned bariatric surgeon in Mumbai.

Here, we will look at the effects of bariatric surgery on your personality.

When facing surgery, people are aware of the physical and financial consequences, but we seldom consider the emotional consequences. The aim of any form of bariatric surgery, in general, is to reduce calory intake and make the patient feel full by reducing or restricting sections of the intestine or stomach.

In comparison, the ultimate goals are losing your body weight and maintaining that. Weight loss and calorie restriction have several advantages. But one must be careful about vitamin intake and any emotional or personality changes that they or their loved one encounter.

Weight loss, which is a major consequence of bariatric surgery in Mumbai, may trigger mood and emotional changes due to fluctuating hormones in your body. It can happen due to the restriction of sugar and nutrient intake and influence on your insulin secretion.

Losing weight is not a solution for all of the challenges you face as an obese person. But by observing how your body and mind respond to surgery and recognizing the root causes of your problems, weight loss can be a powerful aid in becoming a happier, healthier person.

Let us start with the negative changes:

Many pre-and post-surgery diet plans are known for limiting or removing carbohydrates entirely. Bariatric surgery itself can affect nutrient absorption, and a diet that is low in calories, low in nutrients, or both at the same time can affect serotonin levels and the activity of your neurotransmitter.

After you consume carbohydrates, your body releases insulin to produce more serotonin. Insulin alters the amino acid levels in your body which is needed for a healthy amount of serotonin to reach the brain. When there is an obstruction in these functions, it affects your mood. As a result, you experience depression and anxiety disorders.

Even after you lose weight, you can feel fat. For those, who have been overweight for a long period, their self-perception gets changed. They think that they will remain fat any way or the other.

Again, maintaining your current body shape after you’ve lost weight can be stressful. Foods and drinks that you will be avoiding after your surgery are very common for your family, friends, and co-workers. These changes may be challenging for you.

You may feel uncomfortable and conscious while moving out after a weight loss surgery due to your body changes.

Now let us see the positive changes:

You can overlook many of the disadvantages for the advantages of bariatric surgery and weight loss. Lowering your weight decreases inflammation and improves blood circulation. It allows your body to consume the required nutrients from the food you eat and correctly transport oxygen across your body.

There is a lesser chance of severe illness like heart disease, diabetes, joint pain and many more.

Most people who have had bariatric surgery say that they have experienced numerous positive changes regarding their emotions. They have experienced a renewed enthusiasm for their regular activity. 

Without the constraints of extra weight, you learn to appreciate and enjoy physical fitness and stamina. Losing weight after surgery can lead to incredible physical and mental well-being.

While bariatric surgery prevents essential nutrients from being absorbed, you can maintain your health by taking supplements. Discuss with your bariatric surgeon what nutrients you may need after your surgery for being healthy.